Making a New Reality

What better way to round out three days of explorations of innovative documentary media, than with a call to arms to ensure that these explorations include all of us? We are beyond excited to be co-hosting, with our partners – Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, Kamal Sinclair, Director of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Labs Program, to share highlights from her investigation of equity, equality and inclusion in emerging media.

The scale of disruption to our global communication architecture that is coming with the advent of immersive media, biomedia, connected environments, artificial intelligence and other innovations promises to impact every aspect of our societies. The stakes are too high for limited inclusion in the design of the future of media. How do we mitigate the pitfalls of the past and achieve something we have not realised in 500 years of mass media – equity, equality and inclusion? Kamal Sinclair shares the highlights of a year-long research project aimed at investigating this question as a commission of Ford Foundation’s JustFilms program.

Note: this session requires registration; sign-up link has been circulated to delegates.

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