The ‘WHAT IF IT’ Process

The What IF IT Process:

Should we follow a specific methodology when producing an i-doc?

The What IF IT Process is a production process that has been created as part of the !F Lab (Interactive Factual Lab) training scheme. Now running for the 4th year, !F Lab is a EU training that incubates interactive stories from a simple concept to their first digital prototype.

Mixing user centered design methodologies with agile processes and storytelling elements, the What IF IT Process tries to combine methodologies of ideation and production coming from the three disciplines that are needed to create an i-doc: design, coding and storytelling.

You will first hear from Sandra Gaudenzi (Head of Study of !F Lab), about how the process emerged in the last four years and how it works.

Mike Robbins, co-creator of the process, will share his experience as interactive producer and creator, and 4 people that completed the !F Lab training 8 months ago will share their own experience and show where their project is at right now.
Join us to discuss the pros and cos of methodologies, and possibly to invent an even better one!

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